Advantages of Masters

Masters can provide courts, parties, and lawyers with essential services without tapping into court resources. Masters can act as mediators and settle civil and criminal cases away from the courthouse; they can monitor discovery and resolve time-consuming disputes; they can help with the growing burden on courts caused by electronically stored information (ESI) discovery problems; they can be assigned trial duties; they can testify as expert witnesses, especially in cases involving technical and specialized issues; they can help coordinate multi-party, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-district litigation (MDL) cases; they can administer settlement claims; and they can monitor compliance with a court order or settlement agreement.

Masters can markedly reduce the burden on a judge, the judge’s staff, and even the court’s administrative staff. Parties and lawyers recognize that in some cases the appointment of a master can save them substantial fees and costs, and can lead to a much quicker resolution of their disputes. Judges who use professional and experienced masters know how valuable they can be to case handling and resolution.