ACAM Resource Center

ACAM has a number of resources for use by judges, their clerks, other masters, and attorneys.

  • The American Bar Association has adopted Guidelines on the Appointment and Use of Special Masters in Federal and State Civil Litigation and the ABA Judicial Division Lawyers Conference Special Masters Committee provides resources on making effective use of special masters. The Guidelines and resources are available online
  • JAMS - Using Masters and Referees
  • Legal Developments provides information about recent legal developments in mastering.
  • Articles has public articles of interest to masters.
  • Federal Rule 53 is the text of Rule 53 in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Masters are appointed under this rule. The rule underwent major changes in 2003 and the comments on the changes are of interest.
  • State Court Rules/Statutes provides information on the various rules for use of masters in each state and the District of Columbia. States may use a different name than master for the function (for example, California uses the term "referee" instead of master.
  • Model Appointment Orders provides model appointment orders. Rule 53 requires masters to be appointed by order and stipulates what the order must cover.